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SysML 1.4 - View and Viewpoint - Example

What’s new in SysML 1.4 – View and Viewpoint

The third part of the blogpost series about the changes in SysML 1.4 presents the updated concept of view and viewpoints. View and Viewpoint are model elements of SysML since the very first public version 1.0. As you may know SysML was developed based on a request for proposal with a set of requirements. One…
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SysML 1.4 ElementGroup

What’s new in SysML 1.4 – Grouping of Elements

The second part of the blogpost series about the changes in SysML 1.4 presents the new concept to group elements. The use case is simple: Create a group of model elements: Okay, on the second thought there are some more: Update a group and Delete a group. And I’m sure that you’ll find some more…
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Logo OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML)

What’s new in SysML 1.4 – Overview

We are still waiting for the official release of the SysML version 1.4. The work on the update already finished several months ago. Due to some organization obstacles the official release is delayed. In April 2014 the OMG published a beta version of the SysML 1.4 and some tool vendors already published updates of their…
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Systems Engineering with SysML/UML

New edition Systems Engineering with SysML/UML covers SysML 1.4 and more

My publisher just released the third edition of my book “Systems Engineering with SysML/UML”. To be exact it is the German version of my book “Systems Engineering mit SysML/UML”. Since the second edition 6 years have passed. In this time the language SysML, my MBSE methodology SYSMOD and MBSE in general have been further developed.…
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Use case with property ownedBehavior shown in a diagram

HowTo Model Use Case Activities in SysML

Activities are commonly used to describe the behavior of use cases. In SysML these are separate model elements: the use case and the activity. The use case is a specification of behavior. Whereas the activity is the definition of the implementation of the behavior. Instead of an activity you can also use interactions (sequence diagrams),…
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SysML 1.3 / SYSMOD Reference Card (English)

SysML 1.3 Reference Cards available in English, German and French

Now the SysML 1.3 reference card is also available in French. Thanks to Jean-Michel Bruel for the translation. You can download the reference card in English, German, and French language from the download section. Currently I work on the new SysML 1.4 version and will publish it as soon as SysML 1.4 is final.

SysML Full Ports versus Proxy Ports

How to use full ports and proxy ports and what’s the difference? SysML changed the way how to model ports with version 1.3 in 2012. (see also What’s new in SysML). Besides others the new version 1.3 introduced the concept of full and proxy ports. Full port A full port is an element of the…
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Death of the Use Case

Criminal Scene Investigation: Death of the Actor and the Use Case

The previous posts Death of the Actor and Death of the Use Case reported about two serious killings in the modeling scene. Many eyewitnesses commented the report. Now it is time for a short review. First the good news: The concepts Actor and Use Case survived the massacre. I’ve seen them still alive and very active…
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Trophy - Popular SysML modeling tool

Most popular SysML modeling tools

Please click here: http://list.ly/list/23A-popular-sysml-modeling-tools Unfortunately I have technical problems with the list.ly WordPress plugin and can’t show the list embedded in this blog post.

SysML activity tree with object nodes

Hidden feature of SysML – Activity Trees

It is very well unknown and I know only a single modeling tool that explicitly supports it: the SysML activity tree. Although it is very useful and supports common systems engineering practice. What am I talking about? You may know use cases and activities to describe the use case flows. Simply spoken they describe the…
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