New edition Systems Engineering with SysML/UML covers SysML 1.4 and more

New edition Systems Engineering with SysML/UML covers SysML 1.4 and more

Systems Engineering with SysML/UML

Systems Engineering with SysML/UMLMy publisher just released the third edition of my book “Systems Engineering with SysML/UML”. To be exact it is the German version of my book “Systems Engineering mit SysML/UML”.

Since the second edition 6 years have passed. In this time the language SysML, my MBSE methodology SYSMOD and MBSE in general have been further developed. The media book could hardly follow the high dynamics that currently happens in our engineering environment. Extremely spoken the book is outdated when it leaves the printing company. Okay – that’s probably to extreme. However for that reason I’ve started this blog to publish valuable MBSE information in a timely manner.

The main changes in the third edition of my book are:

  • The book covers SysML 1.4. Likewise it also covers SysML 1.3 which at the time of the second edition of my book was not yet available.
  • The MBSE methodology SYSMOD now address explicitly different types of system architectures: basic architecture, logical architecture, physical product architecture and functional architecture.
  • Several minor changes of SYSMOD, based on experience and feedback from users.
  • A new chapter for the preparation for the OCSMP certification has been added.
  • Feedbacks that I have received to the 2nd edition are incorporated.

I wish you much joy and knowledge in reading and looking forward to your feedback.





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