Published third edition of SYSMOD book

Published third edition of the book “SYSMOD – The Systems Modeling Toolbox”. Pragmatic MBSE with SysML and a general purpose methodology.

SYSMOD MDG Technology for EA14

New SYSMOD MDG Technology for Enterprise Architect 14 available

The company LieberLieber has released a new version of the SYSMOD MDG Technology for the modeling tool Enterprise Architect v14. The addon provides stereotypes defined by the MBSE methodology SYSMOD. You can download the addon for free from the LieberLieber website: www.lieberlieber.com The SYSMOD methodology and the SysML extension for SYSMOD is described in the…
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SYSMOD book front cover

New SYSMOD version published

The second edition of my book SYSMOD – Systems Modeling Toolbox – Pragmatic MBSE with SysML was published by MBSE4U. It is based on the SYSMOD version 4.1 and SysML 1.4. What’s new? Updated the variant stereotypes based on my new book Variant Modeling with SysML (published by MBSE4U, 2016). The variant stereotypes are part…
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SYSMOD book cover

New book: SYSMOD – The Systems Modeling Toolbox – Pragmatic MBSE with SysML

I am happy to announce my new book about SYSMOD. SYSMOD is a MBSE toolbox for pragmatic modeling of systems. It is well-suited to be used with SysML. The book provides a set of methods with roles and outputs. Concrete guidances and examples show how to apply the methods with SysML. Today SYSMOD or more specifically customizations…
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Systems Engineering with SysML/UML

New edition Systems Engineering with SysML/UML covers SysML 1.4 and more

My publisher just released the third edition of my book “Systems Engineering with SysML/UML”. To be exact it is the German version of my book “Systems Engineering mit SysML/UML”. Since the second edition 6 years have passed. In this time the language SysML, my MBSE methodology SYSMOD and MBSE in general have been further developed.…
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Extended system context with SysML - FFDS example

How to model an extended system context with SysML

The extended system context describes the system interfaces and the detailed connection to the system actors and to the internal parts of the actors. In the previous post How to model a simple system context with SysML I’ve written about system context in general and the simple edition of system context that is simply spoken just…
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System context Forest Fire Detection System with SysML

How to model a simple system context with SysML

The system context defines the system boundary and all system actors – humans and external systems – that interact with the system under development. It is one of the most important parts of the system model. Many artifacts of the system specification and architecture are relative defined to the definition of the system. Every system behavior…
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Variant Modeling with SysML

Many systems exist in different configurations. A product line, a custom product or different designs for trade-off studies. The current version 1.2 of SysML doesn’t provide explicit built-in language constructs to model variants. The profile mechanis of SysML can be used to extend SysML with a concept for variant modeling. I’ve defined a simple variant…
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The SYSMOD Zigzag Pattern

Are your requirements really free of any solution? Requirements describe the What, the system architecture describes the How. Sounds easy, but…. Requirements are solution-free and they contain solution aspects at the same time. It depends on the level of abstraction. Let’s assume that you have absolutely solution-free requirements (I argue that those requirements are not…
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Update: SYSMOD and MagicDraw

NoMagic provides a free SYSMOD plugin for MagicDraw (see Download page). NoMagic just released SysML version 17.0.1 SP2 with the following updates for the SYSMOD plugin: The New SYSMOD profile version is now with enhanced variants modeling support (See CarAccessSystem example model). The message box stating that the SYSMOD plugin should be installed will no longer…
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