MBSE and AI - Engineer talks with the AI

MBSE and AI – A Conversation with the Black Box

Read the blog or watch the video at the end (or both :-)! I remember an inspiring exchange with a visionary about 20 years ago. He told me that he would like to have a black box that would simply implement his ideas for him. Instead of focusing on the actual engineering, you spend most…
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MBSE and AI – Let’s talk machine

What impact will AI have on MBSE? I’m pretty sure the impact is big, but what does it mean specifically? What is already going on, what can we expect in the future, and what role does MBSE play in the context of AI? Do we even need MBSE anymore?

MBSE Conference Integrate23

The company Vitech is very well known in the MBSE community, especially as a tool vendor of the MBSE tool GENESYS. For the second time, they have been hosting an MBSE conference that also goes beyond their own tools. Integrate23 fosters discussions around digital engineering, focusing on open and connected solutions. Integrate23 has 40+ sessions with…
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SysML v1.7 Reference Card published

SysML v1.7 will be the last SysML v1 version. There is only one small change in the notation. The compartment heading “allocatedFrom” has been renamed to “allocated”. You can find all changes of SysML v1.7 in the blogpost What’s new in SysML v1.7. You will find the new SysML v1.7 reference card on the Download…
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Logo OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML)

What’s new in SysML v1.7

Everyone is looking at SysML v2, but at the same time, a new version of SysML v1 has been released. The SysML v1.7 is very likely the last SysML v1 version. This blog post provides a brief overview of the changes in SysML v1.7.

The SysML v1 to SysML v2 Migration

Many companies in different industries have implemented MBSE with SysML at great expense. And now comes SysML v2. What does this mean for those companies? Does everything have to be rebuilt?

The SysML v2 Specialization Kinds

Specialization is an important concept in modeling languages. The upcoming SysML v2 has a solid foundation of different kinds of specializations. This article provides an overview. In SysML v1 (and UML) the concept is called Generalization – just upside down.. It is basically the same, although the details are different.

Should we use SysML Modeling Tools for Requirements Management?

Recently I had an exchange with Fatih Erkan from Philips on the topic of whether SysML tools are suitable for managing requirements. We had a long chat on LinkedIn, followed by a meeting with the Philips MBSE Team (Louis Stroucken, Joshua Shreve, Patric Wender), and thought it would be a good idea to share it…
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SysML v2 Modeling Tools

To get an overview of the SysML v2 tool landscape, I have collected the tools in a list.

Definition MBSE Model

An MBSE Model is a model that represents systems and their environments and is based on a modeling language that covers concepts of systems engineering.