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2022 will be an important Year for SysML v2

SysML v2 has been talked about for a very long time. But when is it finally coming?

SysML v2 Lab

The SysML v2 Lab

The SysML v2 Lab is an open service to experiment with the pilot implementation of SysML v2. It is an online lab for the MBSE community to easily try out SysML v2, share experiences or learn from others’ experiences.

SysML v1.6 Reference Card published

It was long overdue, but now I finally did it: I finished the popular reference sheets for SysML for the current SysML version 1.6. You can find them on the download page of the MBSE4U website.

Free the Models

The engineering of the future is digital and collaborative. It’s time to get our models out of the cages of the various tools.

Technically, it doesn’t take that much at all. The key is openness and simplicity. For example, a REST API already enables an unimagined variety of possibilities.

MBSE Podcast: How OMG works

The 5th episode of the MBSE Podcast has the CTO of the Object Management Group (OMG) Dr. Jason McC. Smith as a guest. They talk to him about how standards like the UML, UAF, or SysML are developed at the OMG and in general how the OMG works. They will explain it using SysML v2 as an example, which is currently being developed by the OMG.

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SysML v2 Release: What’s inside?

This article gives an overview of the regularly published SysML v2 releases containing the current status of the language and pilot implementation development. It is based on the script of the MBSE podcast #3: Unboxing SysML v2.

MBSE Podcast Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering

MBSE Podcast: Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering with Christian Neureiter

Christian and Tim from the MBSE Podcast talk with Christian Neureiter Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering. This fourth episode is in German. According to current planning, the next fifth episode will be in English again. Christian is the director of the newly founded Josef Ressel Centre for Dependable System-of-Systems Engineering, which researches methods for the model-based development…
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MBSE Podcast: Unboxing SysML v2

Christian and I take a look at a SysML v2 release. At regular intervals, the SysML Submission Team (SST) publishes a release of the pilot implementation of the new SysML v2, including implementations for Jupyter Notebook and for Eclipse, the current state of development of the SysML v2 specification, and client implementations of the new SysML v2 API & Services.

The MBSE-Podcast

The MBSE Podcast rocks!

MBSE is too important to not have a podcast about it. Christian Muggeo and I have therefore started The MBSE Podcast.

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New incremental SysML v2 release 2020-09

Another step is done: there is a new incremental release of the SysML v2 specification and pilot implementation. You can download it here