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These professionals offer comprehensive training and consulting services, allowing you to dive deeper into their content and methodologies. Seize this chance to interact personally with the minds behind the expertise, enhancing your understanding and skills in MBSE through direct training and consulting experiences.
Please note that these are not direct offerings from MBSE4U but rather a redirection to the services provided by our authors.

MBSE Consulting and Training Sessiob´n

MBSE Consulting and Training by oose

Explore the forefront of MBSE  with oose, a leader in providing specialized training and consulting services.

At oose, Tim Weilkiens, a distinguished expert in the field, imparts his vast knowledge through SysML training and consulting. Participants in oose’s courses benefit from Tim Weilkiens’ and his colleague’s first-hand knowledge. They are developers of the SysML and MBSE methods.

oose also offers the unique opportunity to book Tim Weilkiens as a consultant, providing tailored guidance to elevate your systems engineering projects to advance your proficiency in MBSE and SysML. 

MBSE Trainings


AI Assisted MBSE Training by Parallel Agile

Doug Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Parallel Agile, Inc., and has been a thought leader in software and systems engineering and object-oriented design for more than 3 decades. Doug Rosenberg, main author of the book AI-Assisted MBSE with SysML provides trainings about AIM.

AIM Training