NoSE 2014 – A Report from the Tour

NoSE 2014 – A Report from the Tour

NoSE Traveling 2014: David Long, Tim Weilkiens, Paul Schreinemakers, Jonas Andersson

NoSE Traveling

What a great week! Summer, Fun, Great Cities and Systems Engineering. The 2nd Nordic Systems Engineering Tour from Hamburg via Copenhagen and Stockholm to Helsinki has just finished.
Four tour speakers who did the whole tour and several local speaker gave great performances and shared their knowledge and experience with nearly 200 participants. And vice versa during the discussions participants gave an insight to their knowledge and experience. I’ve learned a lot!

The NoSE Tour is a non-commercial event organized by four local chapters of INCOSE: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finnland. The organizers are volunteers who work with much blood, sweat and tears to support the systems engineering discipline. Great Thanks for them!

I am proud to was one of the tour speakers. It was a pleasure to travel with

  • David Long (INCOSE president and president of Vitecht; @David: I’m still wondering how do you do two full time jobs at the same time),
  • Jonas Andersson (INCOSE Associate Director for Events and SE consultant),
  • and Paul Schreinmarkers (INCOSE Technical Deputy Director and SE consultant).
(In)cosy NoSE Traveling 2014

(In)cosy NoSE Traveling 2014: David, Tim, Paul, Jonas (from left to right)

David gave a comprehensive introduction to INCOSE. That was very valuable for most participants, because systems engineering or INCOSE were new to them.

His second talk Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times perfectly fitted to my talk Foreseeing the Unforeseeable. We talked about the challenges of the ongoing big changes like the Internet of Things and how to face these challenges with Systems Engineering, MBSE, Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, and more.

Jonas addressed the very important aspect of learning with his talk Touching the learning aspect of five diciplines to enable the fifth. We spend lots of time and money in the education of engineers. So it is a good advise to have a careful look on the quality of our learning activities.

Paul talked about the System Architectures for the Dutch Railways. A very interesting insight into the concrete application of systems engineering for a specific domain.

I’ve heard each of these talks 4 times. So now I know them very well.

I would like to also say thank you to the local talks. I’ve enjoyed them very much as well.

After the tour is before the tour. We plan to do the 3rd NoSE Tour in 2015. Stay tuned!


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  1. David Mentré says:

    Are the slides available somewhere?

    • Weilkiti says:

      They are available for download only for the participants of the tour. If you were looking for a specific talk I can get you in touch with the speaker.

  2. It was great to be part of this tour. Tim Weilkiens and Erik Herzog, thanks for setting-up this nice event!

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