Most popular SysML modeling tools

Most popular SysML modeling tools

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  1. Hi Tim, this list is an excellent idea. Does “curated” mean “in Tim’s opinion”?

    • Hi Adriano, I think that’s the idea of listly for “curated”. As owner of the list I can change the order. I don’t want to have a “curated view” of the list. Therefore I’ve made it the same order as the alphabetical view. I hope to get many votes to get a community view on the most popular sysml modeling tools.

  2. Lukas says:


    the Papyrus and TOPCASED projects are merging, TOPCASED’s standard SysML editor is and will be Papyrus, therefore it can be considered one project in my opinion.

    I like this idea and I’m curious as to how Papyrus and TOPCASED are liked (or disliked) by users.

    Currently I have to evaluate usefulness of TOPCASED for embedded systems projects (because it’s practically the only free tool to include SysML) and so far my assessment isn’t exactly positive. So I’d like to know if I’m just using it wrong or if it really isn’t that good of a program for systems engineering.
    I’d like to try out EA or MagicDraw for a change, but sadly I don’t have this possibility, so I have to make do with TOPCASED…

  3. Sam says:

    Thanks for creating this list of tools.
    How about a table that compares and contrasts “top 10 features” (since its your list you get to pick the 10 ten 😉 ). For example, which versions of SysML are supported, does the tool support XMI, does the tool interface to analysis and simulation software (e.g., Matlab or Mathematica), etc.
    A column for $$/OSS(free) would be helpful and also version that was reviewed.
    Platform (Win/Linux/Mac).

    Thank you.

    — Sam

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