The MBSE Podcast rocks!

The MBSE Podcast rocks!

The MBSE-Podcast

MBSE is too important to not have a podcast about it. Christian Muggeo and I have therefore started The MBSE Podcast.

Explanatory videos, books, articles etc. about MBSE are already widely available. But especially exciting and instructive are the experiences and stories you hear at conferences during the breaks or at Systems Engineering Get-Togethers.

Certainly, the podcast will explain MBSE stuff, but Christian and I will rather chat and invite exciting guest speakers to tell the stories between the lines.

German or English? We asked ourselves this question at the beginning and decided to start in German. As German native speakers, it’s easier for us, and we don’t want to create hurdles right at the beginning. But there will also be English episodes, for example, because there are many exciting potential English-speaking guests. Whether it will be a bilingual podcast or whether we will switch completely to English at some point in time will only be a matter of time.

Stay tuned!

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