New incremental SysML v2 release 2020-09

New incremental SysML v2 release 2020-09

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Another step is done: there is a new incremental release of the SysML v2 specification and pilot implementation. You can download it here

In the folder, you find the SysML v2 specification documents, introductory presentations on SysML v2, and the files for the pilot implementation.

Because all comfort functions of commercial tools are missing, and because it is an incremental release of ongoing work, the implementation does not simply install, and then let’s go clicking together some diagrams. Don’t be frustrated. Currently, it is a good insight for advanced modelers who are familiar with SysML and metamodels. It will be improved step by step, and the final SysML v2 will have a much better user experience in the tools (hopefully!).

The blog post series NextGenSysML presented the requirements for SysML v2. Now, it is time to have a look on the implementation. Even though I unfortunately do not regularly manage to blog, I would like to demonstrate or discuss the new features of SysML v2 step by step using practical examples and the pilot implementation.


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