MBSE Podcast: Unboxing SysML v2

MBSE Podcast: Unboxing SysML v2

Christian and I have another MBSE Podcast episode in the pipeline.

In episode #3, Christian and I take a look at a SysML v2 release. At regular intervals, the SysML Submission Team (SST) publishes a release of the pilot implementation of the new SysML v2, including implementations for Jupyter Notebook and for Eclipse, the current state of development of the SysML v2 specification, and client implementations of the new SysML v2 API & Services.

The releases give a deep but not easy insight into the current state of SysML v2 and we will unpack a release in this episode and explain and try out the individual parts.

Watch the unboxing live on November 25th, 2020, from 19:00 o’clock on Youtube in the livestream, or afterwards on YoutubeSpotify or on iTunes.

Original blogpost: https://mbse-podcast.rocks/episode-3-unboxing-sysml-v2-en-2/


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