Doug Rosenberg

Without software there is no system.

Doug Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of Parallel Agile, Inc., and has been a thought leader in software and systems engineering and object-oriented design for more than 3 decades. AI Assisted MBSE (AIM) is his 9th book.

He founded and managed ICONIX Software Engineering from 1984 until 2014.  His work in the 1990s included integrating the modeling approaches of Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson several years before the creation of UML.  This integrated approach is known as the ICONIX Process.

For the last decade, he has been on a mission to integrate systems engineering and software engineering since virtually every system being built involves software, yet many systems engineering approaches fail to consider software.   AIM is a major step towards that goal.

AI Assisted MBSE with SysML

AI Assisted MBSE with SysML

Will be published in 2024! Stay tuned!

The book highlights the significance of software in system specifications  and introduces an approach by using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a subject matter expert. The book introduces a novel approach, employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a subject matter expert to enrich the process of engineering artifact modeling using SysML.

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