The Craft of MBSE

The Craft of MBSE

Unveiling MBSE Mastery

Unlock the Secrets of MBSE Craftsmanship: Transform Your Organization's Engineering Culture and Excel in Model-Based Systems Engineering. Discover the Art and Philosophy Behind True Mastery.

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About the Book

The change from a document-based to a model-based paradigm is a huge hurdle for companies. It is not only about learning new methods, languages, and tools and changing processes and policies. It is also about changing organizational structures and engineering culture. However, sometimes, MBSE is applied as another set of administrative tasks and not as a real engineering methodology. Some companies “want” MBSE but do not understand how to “do” MBSE.

This book addresses the core principles, ethos, and meticulous attention to detail that define craftsmanship. It is not just a technical manual but a philosophical guide that inspires a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship of engineers and fosters a culture of excellence and a community of practitioners who take pride in their craft.

Delve into a rich collection of patterns, practices, and principles (3Ps) for general modeling, SysML modeling, and more that form the bedrock of MBSE craftsmanship, providing a robust foundation for engineers to hone their skills and take pride in their craft.

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Genre: Engineering
Publisher: MBSE4U
Publication Year: 2023
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About the Author
Tim Weilkiens

Modeling is the art of being concrete on an abstract level.

Tim is a member of the executive board of the German consulting company oose, an MBSE coach, and an active member of the OMG and INCOSE communities. He has written sections of the initial SysML specification and is a co-chair of the SysML v2 finalization task force.

As a coach, he has advised many companies in different domains. His insights into their challenges are one source of his experience that he shares.

Tim is a co-host of the MBSE podcast.

All books written by Tim Weilkiens including books not published by MBSE4U can be found here.

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