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SysML Block FFDS with behavior compartments

What’s new in SysML 1.4 – Several minor changes to the block and port concept

The sixth part of the blogpost series about the changes in SysML 1.4 presents the updated concepts for blocks and ports. The new concept of bound references is already covered in the special blogpost What’s new in SysML 1.4 – Constraining decompositions. Behavior Compartment A SysML block can own behaviors. For instance a state machine…
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SysML Full Ports versus Proxy Ports

How to use full ports and proxy ports and what’s the difference? SysML changed the way how to model ports with version 1.3 in 2012. (see also What’s new in SysML). Besides others the new version 1.3 introduced the concept of full and proxy ports. Full port A full port is an element of the…
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What’s new in SysML 1.3

The newest version 1.3 of the SysML will be published in a few weeks. The development of the version 1.3 already finished last year and we currently work on the next version 1.4. I’ll report on the work for the 1.4 version in a separate post in the near future. Typically the dot versions of…
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