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NoSE on Tour 2014 – Here we go!

The Program is online, the registration is open – we are looking forward to see you in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Helsinki. Register here! The 2nd Nordic Systems Engineering Tour 2014 starts May 20th in Hamburg and ends May 23rd in Helsinki. At each venue we provide a one-day conference with great speakers and time…
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Why MBSE matters?

Many companies deal with the challenge to introduce MBSE. As a consultant for MBSE I often ask my customer about their objectives to apply MBSE techniques. The answers are more or less the same: the systems are getting more complex and at the same time we must decrease costs and time-to-market and increase the quality.…
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Problems, introduction and opportunities of MBSE

In my last post I’ve reported from my visit of the Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle Development. In my workshop at the symposium I asked the participants about the problems that are solved by MBSE. what must be done/what we need to introduce MBSE in the organization. the opportunities of MBSE. We had very interesting discussions about…
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