Variant Modeling with SysML (VAMOS)

Tim Weilkiens.
Variant Modeling with SysML.
MBSE4U. 2016.

SysML does not provide explicit built-in language constructs to model variants. Nevertheless, SysML is useful to create a model for variants. The VAMOS method presented in the book Variant Modeling with SysML is one option how to model variants with SysML. It uses the profile mechanism of SysML to extend the language with a concept for variant modeling. The concepts are core, variation point, variation, variant, variant constraint, and variant configuration. The book shows how to apply the concepts with a standard SysML modeling tool.

  • Introduction
  • Variant Modeling Concepts
  • Variant Modeling with SysML
  • Other Variant Modeling Concepts
  • Variant Stereotypes for SysML
  • Example: Forest Fire Detection System
  • Example: Virtual Museum Tour
Variant Modeling with SysML