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Binding of bound references

What’s new in SysML 1.4 – Constraining decompositions

The fourth part of the blogpost series about the changes in SysML 1.4 presents the new concept to constrain a decomposition hierarchy. The following figure shows a simple product tree of a drone subsystem (DS) for a forest fire detection system (FFDS). It is the sample system I’ve also used in some previous posts. The…
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System configuration in MagicDraw

How to select a single configuration from a variant model?

In a previous post I’ve described an approach how to model variants with SysML (Variant Modeling with SysML). Modeling variants leads to a model that represents a multidimensional configuration space. It is a description of each variant, the common elements and the relationships between them in a single model. A single configuration is a valid…
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SysML Matrix Example: Functional groups of the FAS method (source: http://www.fas-method.org)

New views for SysML

I often hear arguments against SysML that the diagrams are not suitable for the stakeholder concerns. For example it is not a good idea to choose the requirements diagram to show thousands of requirements or a block definition diagram to show the complete mapping of the functional to the physical architecture with allocate relationships. It…
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Variant Modeling with SysML

Many systems exist in different configurations. A product line, a custom product or different designs for trade-off studies. The current version 1.2 of SysML doesn’t provide explicit built-in language constructs to model variants. The profile mechanis of SysML can be used to extend SysML with a concept for variant modeling. I’ve defined a simple variant…
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