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Happy Birthday, UML

Happy Birthday, UML!!!

A blog post from my colleague Axel Scheithauer reminded me of the birthday of UML. It seems that no one – including the OMG – except him, has recognized the 20th anniversary of the UML. I will not copy Axel’s blog post and instead just highlight some facts about UML and give you a gift…
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Death of the Use Case

Criminal Scene Investigation: Death of the Actor and the Use Case

The previous posts Death of the Actor and Death of the Use Case reported about two serious killings in the modeling scene. Many eyewitnesses commented the report. Now it is time for a short review. First the good news: The concepts Actor and Use Case survived the massacre. I’ve seen them still alive and very active…
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List.ly: Most popular UML modeling tools

Most popular UML modeling tools

Although UML is a modeling language for software, it is sometimes also used in systems engineering projects. Since SysML is a kind of a profile you can define your own SysML stereotypes to use a UML modeling tool for SysML modeling. Please click here: http://list.ly/list/2io-popular-uml-modeling-tools