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Extended system context with SysML - FFDS example

How to model an extended system context with SysML

The extended system context describes the system interfaces and the detailed connection to the system actors and to the internal parts of the actors. In the previous post How to model a simple system context with SysML I’ve written about system context in general and the simple edition of system context that is simply spoken just…
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System context Forest Fire Detection System with SysML

How to model a simple system context with SysML

The system context defines the system boundary and all system actors – humans and external systems – that interact with the system under development. It is one of the most important parts of the system model. Many artifacts of the system specification and architecture are relative defined to the definition of the system. Every system behavior…
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The Death of the Actor

The technical term System is relative and depends on the viewpoint. From one viewpoint an entity is a system, from another one it is a subsystem or an external system. It is a role that is applied to an entity. You loose this flexibility of changing the viewpoint if you model a system context with…
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