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System configuration in MagicDraw

How to select a single configuration from a variant model?

In a previous post I’ve described an approach how to model variants with SysML (Variant Modeling with SysML). Modeling variants leads to a model that represents a multidimensional configuration space. It is a description of each variant, the common elements and the relationships between them in a single model. A single configuration is a valid…
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Open source MBSE Plugin for MagicDraw with SysML

A message from the  INCOSE Telescope modeling challenge team: The INCOSE Telescope modeling challenge team releases version 1.1. of its MBSE plugin for MagicDraw with SysML: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mbse4md/ Support for more productive Model-Based Systems Engineering, following the recommendations in the Cookbook of the INCOSE SE2 Challenge team. The Plugin for the MagicDraw modeling tool provides support for…
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Update: SYSMOD and MagicDraw

NoMagic provides a free SYSMOD plugin for MagicDraw (see Download page). NoMagic just released SysML version 17.0.1 SP2 with the following updates for the SYSMOD plugin: The New SYSMOD profile version is now with enhanced variants modeling support (See CarAccessSystem example model). The message box stating that the SYSMOD plugin should be installed will no longer…
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