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The New Engineering Game – Strategies for Smart Product Engineering

In time for Christmas, the eBook edition of my new book is ready and published. The print edition will be released in early January when the proof was successful. Organizations face an increasingly complex and dynamic environment on the market. The Internet of Things and in particular the industrial internet respectively Industry 4.0 change the…
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The digital product model

The Digital Product Model – The Hechenberg theses

“It grows together what belongs together.” – Mechatronics, Systems Engineering, OSLC, ReqIF, AutomationML, feature teams, cross-functional teams, … After a strict separation of the engineering disciplines in the past, now the movement is unmistakably towards a closer integration. The market demands ever more complex systems in ever shorter time-to-market times. This is clearly demonstrated by…
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Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

The 4th Industrial Revolution

In the German manufacturing community everyone talks about Industry 4.0. But hardly anyone could say what it really is and what that supposed to mean. I’ll shed a little more light on it and show the relationship to MBSE. Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a project of the German government in the context of their…
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