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The Gap of Slackness

The figure shows the Gap of Slackness. The vertical axis represents the typical challenges for product vendors. They are for example more innovation, less time-to-market, less cost, and perfect quality. You can certainly mention more of them for your domain. The system curve along the time always increases and reflects the steadily increasing demand for…
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Why MBSE matters?

Many companies deal with the challenge to introduce MBSE. As a consultant for MBSE I often ask my customer about their objectives to apply MBSE techniques. The answers are more or less the same: the systems are getting more complex and at the same time we must decrease costs and time-to-market and increase the quality.…
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Problems, introduction and opportunities of MBSE

In my last post I’ve reported from my visit of the Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle Development. In my workshop at the symposium I asked the participants about the problems that are solved by MBSE. what must be done/what we need to introduce MBSE in the organization. the opportunities of MBSE. We had very interesting discussions about…
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