SYSMOD – The Systems Modeling Toolbox

Pragmatic MBSE with SysML

Tim Weilkiens
3rd edition, 2020

Explore the world of MBSE with SYSMOD, a comprehensive guide authored by Tim Weilkiens. This book offers a deep dive into the methodology essential for system modeling.

SYSMOD is an MBSE toolbox for pragmatic modeling of systems. It is well-suited for use with SysML. This book offers a set of methods with roles, inputs, and outputs, concrete modeling guidances, and examples showing how the methods can be applied with SysML.

Whether you’re a Systems Engineer, Software Developer, Project Manager, or a curious tech enthusiast, SYSMOD is your passport to understanding and mastering Systems Engineering concepts. This book is a must-read for anyone eager to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.


Benefit from the author’s extensive industry experience as Tim Weilkiens shares practical insights and best practices to address real-world systems engineering challenges.


Gain insights into the practical application of SysML (Systems Modeling Language) to effectively manage complex systems.


Requirements modeling, System Context, Use Cases, Functional, Logical and Product Architectures, Modeling guidances on how to create a SysML model, Full-fledged SysML example, Best Practices, Complete definition of a profile for SYSMOD, Adoption of MBSE in an Organization, SysML v1.6 in a Nutshell

SYSMOD – The Systems Modeling Toolbox – Pragmatic MBSE with SysML

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