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NextGenSysML Part 0 – SysML v2 and SysML API & Services

It is time for the next generation of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). More than 10 years ago the Object Management Group (OMG) published SysML version 1.0 to provide a simple but powerful modeling language for a wide range of systems engineering problems. We have learned a lot from many industrial applications of SysML. That…
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New book – Framwork for architecture descriptions for social-technical maritime Systems

MBSE4U published a new book. It is only available in German. The introduction of new technologies as part of the digitalization of the maritime domain leads to the establishment of a large number of heterogeneous non-cooperating systems in a complex system environment. With the introduction of e-navigation, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) wants to enable…
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Global Warming, Systems Engineering for the Planet

Systems Engineering for the Planet

You have probably read the article “Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice” that is currently spread through the media. To be honest, it is not surprising that our world is in bad shape. We know that since decades, but our action is too lame in most cases. Political, financial, and other issues dilute real consequent…
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