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MBSE Conference Integrate23

The company Vitech is very well known in the MBSE community, especially as a tool vendor of the MBSE tool GENESYS. For the second time, they have been hosting an MBSE conference that also goes beyond their own tools. Integrate23 fosters discussions around digital engineering, focusing on open and connected solutions. Integrate23 has 40+ sessions with…
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Engineering the Smart Grid

A post by guest author Christian Neureiter. Engineering the „Smart Grid“ has proven to be a challenging task. A critical factor for the development of dependable and robust grids is the successful establishment of interdisciplinary cooperation between different stakeholder. To serve this purpose, major research has been conducted over the last years on how to…
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Conjugation Considered Harmful!

A post by guest author Axel Scheithauer: SysML is based on the UML, and I think that was a good choice. However, some concepts of the UML don’t make sense in the world of systems and then sometimes lead to not so useful ideas, like typed binding connectors (how many user defined types of equality…
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EA user group london 2018

EA User Group London 2017

A post by guest author Guillaume Finance: A new EA User Group for the Enterprise Architect users and experts community will take place this year in London on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of May. Compared with previous events, this EAUG will run on 2 days. This decision has been taken based on a recent survey where a…
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SysML 1.4 Reference Card for Enterprise Architect

SparxSystems Enterprise Architect modelling tool version of SysML 1.4 Reference Cards available in English and French

A post by guest author Guillaume Finance: SysML 1.4 reference cards are now available with diagrams defined with Enterprise Architect modelling tool from Sparx Systems. This alternative version, available in English and French, has been shared by Guillaume Finance. You can download the reference cards from the download section. Note: SysML is available in the Systems Engineering and…
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