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Goodbye MBSE Engineers?

As we venture into this new era of digital engineering and AI, it’s not about resisting change but rather adapting and shaping it, ensuring that we harness its potential responsibly.

AI-Assisted SAMS

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could play the artist’s role in the SAMS approach and do the visualization task in real-time by just listening in to team discussions during systems analysis? Whether this is entirely realistic with today’s technological means is still under investigation. Still, it will be shown further below that it is easy with off-the-shelf AI tools to get close to the stated vision.

MBSE and AI – Using the FAS Method

Today, I had a chat with ChatGPT. Since I’m giving an INCOSE webinar on FAS, later on, I tested how well ChatPGT can do FAS. I provided some context in the first prompt but otherwise did not specify anything. The result is amazing. The functional grouping, which is an architectural decision, is not bad. If…
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MBSE and AI - Engineer talks with the AI

MBSE and AI – A Conversation with the Black Box

Read the blog or watch the video at the end (or both :-)! I remember an inspiring exchange with a visionary about 20 years ago. He told me that he would like to have a black box that would simply implement his ideas for him. Instead of focusing on the actual engineering, you spend most…
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MBSE and AI – Let’s talk machine

What impact will AI have on MBSE? I’m pretty sure the impact is big, but what does it mean specifically? What is already going on, what can we expect in the future, and what role does MBSE play in the context of AI? Do we even need MBSE anymore?