The New Engineering Game – Strategies for Smart Product Engineering

The New Engineering Game – Strategies for Smart Product Engineering

The engineering of products faces an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. Megatrends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the industrial internet respectively Industry 4.0 change the rules on the field. They require a new kind of engineering and thinking. Only companies that can adapt themselves to the frequent and partially disruptive changes in the complex and dynamic markets are successful in the long term.

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About the Book

The book describes the first three industrial revolutions and their consequences and concludes with the predicted fourth industrial revolution. In light of the fourth industrial revolution, the second chapter depicts the need for a new kind of engineering. The third chapter provides valuable principles, patterns, methods, and tools for engineering organizations to be successful in the new engineering playfield. The book closes the gap between high-level reflections about the challenges of product engineering and daily engineering methods and tools.

Genre: Engineering
Publisher: MBSE4U
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Print, eBook
Length: 178 pages
ASIN: 398185294X
ISBN: 9783981852943

List Price: 30.11
eBook Price: 25
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About the Author
Tim Weilkiens

Modeling is the art of being concrete on an abstract level.

Tim is a member of the executive board of the German consulting company oose, an MBSE coach, and an active member of the OMG and INCOSE communities. He has written sections of the initial SysML specification and is a co-chair of the SysML v2 finalization task force.

As a coach, he has advised many companies in different domains. His insights into their challenges are one source of his experience that he shares.

Tim is a co-host of the MBSE podcast.

All books written by Tim Weilkiens including books not published by MBSE4U can be found here.

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