Collaboration Requirements Engineering / Systems Architect

A System Architecture is what System Architects create

There are hundreds of definitions about architecture available. Fortunately they have a lot of things in common. Personally I like the following definition: “An architecture is the set of fundamental decisions that cannot be reversed without greater effort and impact.” That definition focusses on the role of the system architect. It does not define the…
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European Systems Engineering Tours

Last year we did the first Nordic Systems Engineering Tour. It was a fantastic success. We had great presentations, discussions and of course fun! Behind the scenes it was a collaboration between the German and the Swedish chapters of INCOSE and the Danish systems engineering community. See also my blog post about the tour: NoSE…
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Use case with property ownedBehavior shown in a diagram

HowTo Model Use Case Activities in SysML

Activities are commonly used to describe the behavior of use cases. In SysML these are separate model elements: the use case and the activity. The use case is a specification of behavior. Whereas the activity is the definition of the implementation of the behavior. Instead of an activity you can also use interactions (sequence diagrams),…
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SysML 1.3 / SYSMOD Reference Card (English)

SysML 1.3 Reference Cards available in English, German and French

Now the SysML 1.3 reference card is also available in French. Thanks to Jean-Michel Bruel for the translation. You can download the reference card in English, German, and French language from the download section. Currently I work on the new SysML 1.4 version and will publish it as soon as SysML 1.4 is final.

SysML Full Ports versus Proxy Ports

How to use full ports and proxy ports and what’s the difference? SysML changed the way how to model ports with version 1.3 in 2012. (see also What’s new in SysML). Besides others the new version 1.3 introduced the concept of full and proxy ports. Full port A full port is an element of the…
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Manufacturing - Industry 4.0

The 4th Industrial Revolution

In the German manufacturing community everyone talks about Industry 4.0. But hardly anyone could say what it really is and what that supposed to mean. I’ll shed a little more light on it and show the relationship to MBSE. Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a project of the German government in the context of their…
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Nordic Systems Engineering Tour

NoSE 2013 – A Report from the Tour

From April 15th to April 17th I did the first Nordic Systems Engineering Tour. I’ve initiated the tour together with Erik Herzog from Saab in Sweden. NoSE is a 1-day conference event in Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Stockholm in 3 days. The purpose of the events is to promote Systems Engineering and also to strengthen the…
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APE Product Tree (

What is a model?

Could you easily answer this question? Is a document a model? Why not? Most references define a model or properties of a model like this A model is a representation of something. It captures not all attributes of the represented thing, but rather only those seeming relevant. The model is created for a certain purpose…
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Product Tree Forest Fire Detection System Non-tree Style

Two Kinds of Patterns

Did you know that you use patterns every day? It’s a very powerful mechanism and much more powerful when they are explicit and known. A pattern describes a proven solution for a problem. Every experienced engineer has a huge set of patterns. Think about your daily work. If you must solve a problem that you’ve…
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Nordic Systems Engineering Tour

The Nordic Systems Engineering Tour

I proudly present the Nordic Systems Engineering Tour – a one-day conference event at three different locations in three days. From Hamburg via Copenhagen to Stockholm. Together with Erik Herzog I had the idea to boost systems engineering in northern Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Why these countries? The answer is easy: Erik lives in Sweden…
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