Brian Moberley

AI Assisted MBSE with SysML

AI Assisted MBSE with SysML

The book highlights the significance of software in systems engineering and uses AI as a subject matter expert. It presents a comprehensive example that covers SysML modeling, including requirements, use cases, logical/ physical architecture, and parametric simulation. It then continues into software, leveraging AI's code generation capabilities to produce software including microcontroller, UI, and DMBS code. It introduces a variety of personas and agents that can help engineers communicate with AI about systems and software engineering.

The book also introduces SysML v2, focusing on the new language model and exploring AI's ability to generate models via code generation. Perhaps most importantly, it provides a straightforward roadmap for hardware/software co-design, accelerated at every step by AI.

Whether you're a systems or software engineer, or just interested in how to use AI for engineering, AI Assisted MBSE with SysML will prove to be a valuable guide.

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