NextGenSysML Part 13 – SysML API & Services Overview

NextGenSysML Part 13 – SysML API & Services Overview

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This blog post gives an overview of the SysML v2 API & Services RFP. It is part of a blog post series about the upcoming new SysML v2 and SysML API & Services standard. The blog posts present the requirements for the standard stated in the request for proposals (RFP) published by the OMG. See the end of this post for a list of all posts of this series, including a link to the first post of the series that provides an overall introduction.

The SysML API & Services RFP complements the SysML v2 RFP and specifies the requirements for an Application Programming Interface (API). The API includes services to operate on SysML v2 models and to connect SysML v2 models with models in other disciplines.

There are many good reasons why a SysML v2 API is important for an MBSE environment. SysML v1 was published more than 10 years ago and is now well established in the industry. For the second adoption stage and an effective application of SysML in an industrial and mature engineering environment, we must resolve the lack of standard approaches to integrate SysML models with other engineering models and with inhouse-developments of analyzers, model-to-something generators, query engines, verifiers, and so on.

Many models are involved in an engineering project. Logically, they are all connected and represent together the overarching system model. The SysML model plays a central role in this scenario. If it is logically and physically well connected with the other models, it enables the valuable seamless digital thread. Unfortunately, state of the art today is an archipelago with few, if any, dilapidated bridges between the islands.

The SysML API & Services RFP depends on the SysML v2 RFP. The same team works on a submission for both RFP’s.

The requirements for the API & Services are grouped into several sections:

  • API and Services Architecture and Conformance Requirements
  • Service Scope, Conditions, and Response Requirements
  • Model Navigation Service Requirement
  • Model Creation Service Requirement
  • Model Update Service Requirement
  • Model Deletion Service Requirement
  • External Relationship Management Services Requirements
  • Model Query Services Requirements
  • Advanced Model Construction Services Requirements
  • Model View and Viewpoint Management Services Requirements
  • Model Analysis Services Requirements
  • Model Management Services Requirements
  • Model Transformation Services Requirements
  • General Services Requirements

The following blog posts describe each requirement group in more detail.

The next blog post covers the architecture and conformance requirements of the SysML API & Services RFP. Stay tuned!

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