NextGenSysML Part 11 – Analysis Requirements

NextGenSysML Part 11 – Analysis Requirements

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This blog post presents the requirements for the modeling of an analysis with SysMLv2. It is part of a blog post series about the upcoming new SysML v2 and SysML API & Services standard. The blog posts present the requirements for the standard stated in the request for proposals (RFP) published by the OMG. See the end of this post for a list of all posts of this series including a link to the first post of the series that provides an overall introduction.

SysML v1 does not provide specific model elements for an analysis. Although it is possible using other model elements for it.

SysML v2 includes the capability to specify an analysis and to decompose an analysis into constituent analyses. Parts of an analysis are the subject, the analysis case, the analysis models, the specification of the infrastructure for the analysis, and metadata relevant for it.

It is possible to model parameters of interest like total weight, power consumption, or the duration of a function, and the objective of the analysis as a textual statement or as an expression that can be evaluated.

SysML v2 provides the well-known use cases (see NextGenSysML Part 8), and test cases (see NextGenSysML Part 10). And also, analysis cases to specify the analysis scenario. All of them are specializations of the general case element (see NextGenSysML Part 8 ).

Scenarios can be modeled to identify the analysis models to be executed including the configurations of the analysis subject, the infrastructure of the analysis execution, and the conditions and assumptions which can be specified as text or as computable expressions.

The results of an analysis execution can be stored and assigned to the analysis.

Special kinds of analyses are trade-offs among alternatives. They are supported by SysML v2 by the following elements:

  • Representation of a set of alternatives
  • Representation of a decision as one or more selections among alternatives
  • Representation of criteria that is used as a basis for a decision
  • Representation of a rationale for a decision

Non-mandatory requirements for SysML v2 requests more capabilities for doing analyses including:

  • Representation of trade-off evaluations.
  • Decision expressions like A OR B, or A XOR B.
  • Transformations and mappings between the system and the analysis model
  • Modeling of the analysis infrastructure including the hardware, software, and the people required for performing the analysis.

The next blog post covers the example model and conformance requirements for SysML v2. Stay tuned!

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