NextGenSysML Part 1 – Overview SysML V2 And SysML API & Services RFP’s

NextGenSysML Part 1 – Overview SysML V2 And SysML API & Services RFP’s

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This blog post gives you a brief overview of the SysML v2 RFP and the SysML API & Services RFP. The previous blog post introduced the RFPs and explained what it is all about. Following blog posts will present details of specific sections of the RFP’s.

In December 2017 the OMG published the SysML v2 RFP. You can download it for free from the OMG website: It lists 136 mandatory requirements and 28 non-mandatory requirements for the upcoming new SysML v2.

Non-mandatory means that a submission must not satisfy the requirement to be accepted by the OMG. Anyhow, if the submission meets the requirement, and the OMG adopts it, it is a normative part of SysML v2.

The RFP also includes some general requirements, for example, internationalization, that the OMG requests for all standards and not only SysML. I will cover those general OMG requirements in the next blog post.

The RFP organizes the mandatory and non-mandatory requirements in several groups covering different aspects of the SysML:

Section# mandatory requirements# non-mandatory requirementsDescription
Language Architecture and Formalism107Requirements for the structure and definition of the modeling language.
Cross-cutting292Requirements that apply to all model elements, for example, variability modeling, versioning, or different kinds of relationships.
Properties, Values & Expressions127Requirements for properties, values, and expressions includingcollections and measurement units.
Structure101Requirements for the representation of composable, deeply nested structures.
Interface111Requirement about interfaces to specify physical and functional interactions.
Behavior173Requirements for the modeling of behavior including the integration between structure and behavior.
Requirements201Requirement about the representation of requirements and their relationships.
Verification82Requirements for the modeling how a system satisfies requirements.
Analysis144Requirements for the specification of analysis.
Example model1Requirement about an example model.
Conformance4Requirements for test suites to prove that a SysML v2 implementation conforms to the standard.

SysML API & Services RFP

The upcoming standard SysML API & Services paves the way for a huge step forward in MBSE. SysML becomes talkative and a real partner in a collaborative engineering environment.
The API specifies a standardized application programming interface to access SysML models. The interface is independent of the modeling tool, i.e., it does not matter if you access a SysML model in, for example, Cameo Systems Modeler, Sparx Enterprise Architect, IBM Rhapsody, or Papyrus, as long as, of course, the tool has implemented the API.
The RFP includes 18 mandatory and 24 non-mandatory requirements in 3 different sections. Also, of course, it requests the general OMG requirements.

Section# mandatory requirements# non-mandatory requirementsDescription
API and Services Architecture3Requirements related to the architecture of the API like the Platform-Independent Model (PIM) and Platform-Specific Models (PSM)
API and Services Conformance3Conformance of SysML v2 modeling environments to PSMs of the API.
Service1224Requirements for services like model navigation or creation services.

The next blog post will cover each requirement section of the RFP’s in more detail. Stay tuned!

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