Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung für eingebettete Systeme verstehen und anwenden

Tim Weilkiens, Alexander Huwaldt, Jürgen Mottok, Andreas Willert.
Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung eingebetteter Systeme verstehn und anwenden.
dpunkt.verlag. 2018.

Mastering complexity is one of the biggest engineering challenges of the 21st century. Topics such as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Industry 4.0” are accelerating this trend. Model-driven development makes a decisive contribution to successfully meeting these challenges.

The authors provide a sound introduction and practical overview of modeling software for embedded systems from requirements and architecture to design, code generation, and testing. For each phase, paradigms,
methods, techniques, and tools are described and their practical application is emphasized. It also discusses tool integration, functional safety, and metamodeling, as well as how to introduce a model-based approach to an organization and the need for lifelong learning.

In this book, the reader learns how a model-based approach can be used beneficially in practice for software development. The procedure is presented independently of modeling tools. Numerous examples – exemplary also on basis of concrete tools – help with the practical conversion.

The book website provides tools, examples, tutorials, and further in-depth information on the topic.

Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung für eingebettete Systeme verstehen und anwenden