Next Generation SysML – All-clear for Takeoff

Next Generation SysML – All-clear for Takeoff

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The OMG has voted for the SysML v2 RFP on their quarterly technical meeting in San Francisco last week. That means the set of requirements for SysML Version 2.0 is fixed and officially published.

It took more than two years to write the RFP. Systems engineering modeling experts from all over the world – users and tool vendors – worked out the requirements based on the 10-year experience with SysML version 1.

SysML Submission Team SST

SST Kick-off Meeting in San Francisco (Photo: Manas Bajaj)

Now the work on SysML 2 can start. Already at the same OMG meeting, the SysML Submission Team SST had its kick-off meeting. Around 40 people registered for the team. Probably not all of them will be continuously active. However, it is a strong team of users and tool vendors including many experts from the last submission team that has defined the current SysML 1.

If you are SysML user or if you plan to use SysML, there is no reason to worry about the new version. On the contrary, there is much reason to look forward to it. First, it will take some years before it will be officially published. Second, the RFP contains clear requirements to provide a migration path from SysML 1 to SysML 2. The new version will cover the same aspects than the current version. It is, of course, not a completely different thing. It is still a systems modeling language. In addition, more features like the modeling of variants or a model interchange format are planned for SysML 2.

I will publish information about SysML 2 from time to time in this blog. So, you will know how it is going and what you can expect. You can find also lots of information from the RFP work on the SysML 2 RFP Working Group wiki.


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  1. I am looking forward to tool implementation based on this standard.

  2. XiangLee says:

    Looking forward to sysml 2.0 publication!

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