Engineering the Smart Grid

Engineering the Smart Grid

A post by guest author Christian Neureiter.

Engineering the „Smart Grid“ has proven to be a challenging task. A critical factor for the development of dependable and robust grids is the successful establishment of interdisciplinary cooperation between different stakeholder.

To serve this purpose, major research has been conducted over the last years on how to realize domain-specific Model-Based Systems Engineering. One of the most promising outcomes here is the publicly available “SGAM Toolbox” developed at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. This toolbox enables architecting the Smart Grid in Reference to the European “Smart Grid Architecture Model” (SGAM).

Moreover, it exploits the US American “NIST IR 7628 Guidelines on Smart Grid Cybersecurity” to emphasize “Security by Design”.
Today, the SGAM Toolbox is a pretty well accepted among the Smart Grid community worldwide and turned out to be a very valuable help for architecting the grid.

We are very happy to announce that the basic concepts of this toolbox, the underlying ideas, and the application are published in a summarizing book! If you are interested in the Book “A Domain-Specific, Model Driven Engineering Approach for Systems Engineering in the Smart Grid”, you can take a closer look here.


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