New SYSMOD version published

New SYSMOD version published

SYSMOD book front cover

The second edition of my book SYSMOD – Systems Modeling Toolbox – Pragmatic MBSE with SysML was published by MBSE4U. It is based on the SYSMOD version 4.1 and SysML 1.4.

What’s new?

  • Updated the variant stereotypes based on my new book Variant Modeling with SysML (published by MBSE4U, 2016). The variant stereotypes are part of the SYSMOD profile.
  • Added the integration of functional architectures. The modeling of functional architectures is described by the FAS method that is not part of SYSMOD. However, SYSMOD and FAS are a perfect combination and the book describes how FAS could be integrated into the SYSMOD methodology.
  • New book format (US Technical). The previous format was Letter. Although the large format is more convenient to present diagrams I prefer a more handy format.
  • New methods and products for the SYSMOD roles Administrator and MBSE Methodologist. These roles and methods focus on the systems modeling environment (SME) and the development and rollout of MBSE methodology.
  • Added an introduction to profile modeling. Interestingly, profiles are necessary for every SysML project, but it is rarely described in books and papers how to model a profile.
  • Renamed the SYSMOD Intensity Model to SYSMOD Model Purpose Model which seems to be a better name.
    Added a section about the modeling of profiles.
  • Some minor typos and updates.

Plans for the next version are

  • Modeling methods for the verification and validation of the system.
  • More behavior descriptions in architecture models.
  • More tools for on-site workshops to elaborate SYSMOD Products.
  • Functional safety modeling.

You can get the eBook version at Leanpub and the print version at Lulu.



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