New book: Model-Based System Architecture

New book: Model-Based System Architecture

I am happy to announce that my brand new book Model-Based System Architecture has hit the shelves. I have written the book together with my colleague Stephan Roth and two good friends from the MBSE community Jesko Lamm and Markus Walker. We have collected a set of best practices, principles, concepts, and definitions about model-based system architecting.

The book focuses on the practical application and is a good addition for a system architects toolbox. Stephan and I are both MBSE consultants and have seen lots of different approaches in different domains like automotive, medical, avionic, military, or manufacturing. Jesko and Markus are both practical system engineers and daily face the challenge to develop successful system architectures in their companies. The book covers our overall experiences.

A chapter gives a comprehensive description of the FAS method (Functional Architectures for Systems) that has never been before published in a book.

The table of content gives you an overview about the book:

  1. Introduction
  2. An Example: The Virtual Museum Tour System
  3. Better Products — The Value of Systems Architecting
  4. Definition of System Architecture
  5. Model-Based System Architecture
  6. Architecture Description
  7. Architecture Patterns and Principles
  8. Requirements and Use Case Analysis
  9. Perspectives, Viewpoints and Views in System Architecture
  10. Typical Architecture Stakeholders
  11. Roles
  12. Processes
  13. Agile Approaches
  14. The FAS Method
  15. Product Lines & Variants
  16. Architecture Frameworks
  17. Cross-Cutting Concerns
  18. Architecture Assessment
  19. Making it Work in the Organization
  20. Soft Skills
  21. Outlook: The World after Product Line Engineering

Appendix A: OMG SysML
Appendix B: The V-Model


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  1. Steven says:

    Looking forward to previewing this new book. I found Systems Engineering with SysML/UML helpful to reinforce practices and identify new engineering techniques. I am looking for this more recent book to share more practices, advice and perspectives in the ever growing modeling domain.

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