The Nordic MBSE School

The Nordic MBSE School

Nordic MBSE School

Nordic MBSE SchoolThe Nordic MBSE School is one of my favourite projects. The Nordic MBSE School is organized by the Nordic Systems Engineering Alliance – a network of small and medium-sized organisations with unique competencies in product creation and technical leadership. One of these organisations is my company oose.

Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE), has for the last decade gradually changed the practice of development and procurement of complex technical systems. Wisely used, MBSE contains a significant potential for improving the quality and efficiency of systems engineering, but it comes with a steep learning curve. To meet this demand, the Nordic MBSE School is an open modular education program conducted in Stockholm, Sweden, October to December 2015.

The program consists of four different two day courses, and a voluntary individual project assignment, that you combine to meet your individual learning outcomes.

The modular approach of the school intends to target different audiences and pinpoint their individual needs. To support individual adaptation of the program, several combinations of course modules stretching from two to eight days are available. This school is equally suitable for organisational leaders, project managers, and engineers wishing to learn more how MBSE can leverage your development organization, and how to put in into useful practice.

More details and registration: The Nordic MBSE School


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