NoSE 2013 – A Report from the Tour

NoSE 2013 – A Report from the Tour

Nordic Systems Engineering Tour

From April 15th to April 17th I did the first Nordic Systems Engineering Tour. I’ve initiated the tour together with Erik Herzog from Saab in Sweden. NoSE is a 1-day conference event in Hamburg, Copenhagen, and Stockholm in 3 days. The purpose of the events is to promote Systems Engineering and also to strengthen the links between the German and the Swedish chapters of INCOSE and to support the Danish systems engineering community. It was great fun and very experiencing. The tour speakers including me came from Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, and Spain. In addition we had local speakers at each venue.

We’ve started with a smaller audience in Hamburg. oose was the host of the day and sponsored the room and catering. The talks were about

  • the SYSMOD-Zigzag pattern,
  • a reflection of 15 years of Systems Engineering
  • verification & validation of the mission system of the Frigate F125 (local talk)
  • Ontology-Based Systems Engineering, and
  • best practices for modeling.

After a very interesting day the tour speakers headed to the central station for the train to Copenhagen. During the trip we had time to relax and to discuss our systems engineering experiences. At midnight we arrived in Copenhagen.

Our host in Copenhagen was the hearing aid company GN ReSound. This time the audience was 5 times larger than in Hamburg. Personally I’ve learned a lot from all the discussions around our talks. The local speaker Henrik Balslev talked about RDS coding principles. I didn’t know RDS (and Henrik) before. I’ve discussed the relationship of RDS and SysML with Henrik. We’ve agreed to elaborate it further. Both of us don’t know any work that covers RDS and SysML.

After the conference the Danish systems engineering community met to discuss the opportunities to establish a Danish local chapter of INCOSE. The NoSE tour was a perfect platform for them and good marketing for the value of chapters.

Again the tour speaker headed to the central station for the train to Stockholm. A few minutes after Copenhagen the train crosses a great systems engineering example – the Øresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö. The bridge is a case study in the INCOSE handbook. At midnight we arrived in Stockholm.

Our host in Stockholm was the KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. In addition to the talks of the tour speakers we had a local talk from Erik Herzog about system views and system properties and a talk from Pär Hammarström about product lines in practice.

It were three intense days. We all agree that it is worth to do the tour again in 2014.

Nordic Systems Engineering Tour


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