Open source MBSE Plugin for MagicDraw with SysML

Open source MBSE Plugin for MagicDraw with SysML

A message from the  INCOSE Telescope modeling challenge team:

The INCOSE Telescope modeling challenge team releases version 1.1. of its MBSE plugin for MagicDraw with SysML:

  • Support for more productive Model-Based Systems Engineering, following the recommendations in the Cookbook of the INCOSE SE2 Challenge team.
  • The Plugin for the MagicDraw modeling tool provides support for model-based document generation, which ties together system models and documents to keep them up to date and consistent, using a WYSIWYG editor in MagicDraw.
  • It provides basic support to model variants and extracts variants from a system model.
  • It provides support to generate organizational structures according to the SE2 Cookbook recommendations.
  • It provides basic pattern-based support to reason on a system model, for example, to extract numbers like total power, cost, and power consumption for a given product tree

The MBSE plugin for MagicDraw requires MagicDraw 17.0 SP4 or higher with an installed SysML plugin 17.0 SP5 or higher. Installation instructions can be found in the file ReadMe.txt in the download area.

Another open-source MBSE plugin for MagicDraw is published by the FAS working group:


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