UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Fundamental, Intermediate und Advanced

Tim Weilkiens, Bernd Oestereich.
UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Fundamental, Intermediate und Advanced.
dpunkt.verlag. 2006

In addition to the content innovations of UML 2.0, the Object Management Group (OMG) defined qualification standards in the form of a certification program. This book systematically introduces all relevant knowledge areas of the three-level program to become an “OMG Certified UML Professional” (OCUP):

  • The Fundamental level tests basic UML knowledge, including the principles of class diagrams, activity diagrams, interaction diagrams, and use case diagrams.
  • The Intermediate level adds more advanced topics such as state machine diagrams and composition structure diagrams.
  • Finally, the Advanced level goes into OCL and the architecture of the UML language itself.

The certification includes not only the elements visible to the UML user but also abstract concepts of UML such as Relationship, Behavior, or PackageableElement.

The book assumes basic UML knowledge and is suitable for self-study, as a companion reading for preparatory courses for the certification test and for the introduction or explanation of the metamodel of UML.

“This ground-breaking book focuses on preparing you for the first two steps; to pass the OCUP Fundamental and Intermediate tests. […] The authors of this tome have not only proven their mettle by passing both tests themselves, but by teaching UML expertise in classroom and conference settings that led to remarkably high OCUP test passing rates – even just weeks after the OCUP Program became available worldwide.” (from the Foreword by Richard Mark Soley)