UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Intermediate-Stufe

Bernd Oestereich, Tim Weilkiens.
UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Intermediate.
dpunkt.verlag. 2005.

This book systematically introduces all exam-relevant knowledge areas and topics for the Intermediate level of the “OMG Certified UML Professional” (OCUP). While the fundamentals of UML are tested at the Fundamental level, more advanced constructs of UML are part of the exam at the Intermediate level. These include the new composition structure diagrams introduced in UML 2, the basics of component and distribution diagrams, state diagrams, the action model and more advanced constructs of activity and interaction diagrams as well as profiles, the extension mechanism of UML.

The material includes not only the elements visible to the UML user, but also abstract concepts of UML. In addition to exam preparation, the book is also excellent as an explanation of the UML metamodel, knowledge of which is required e.g. for MDA approaches. The UML certification program is divided into three levels: Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced. This book serves as preparation for the intermediate level and therefore builds on the authors’ previously published book on the fundamental level.

“Nowadays, it is mandatory for every software developer to communicate with UML. And they have to be good at it. Because learning UML is one thing. Learning to use the language effectively is another. This book will prepare you for the OCUP (OMG Certified UML Professional) Intermediate exam and show you, your colleagues, and your employer that you have recognized the value of modeling to create quality software better, faster, and cheaper.” from the Foreword by Ivar Jacobsen