UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Test-Vorbereitung zum OMG Certified UML Professional

Bernd Oestereich, Tim Weilkiens.
UML 2 – Zertifizierung: Test-Vorbereitung zum OMG Certified UML Professional.
dpunkt.verlag. 2004.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a language and notation for the specification, construction, visualization, and documentation of models for software systems and thus covers a wide range of application areas. For version 2.0, the UML was completely revised by the Object Management Group (OMG). In addition to the new content of the UML, the OMG introduced qualification standards in the form of a three-level certification program (Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced) with Version 2.0. It is intended to ensure that UML users, trainers, consultants, tool manufacturers, etc. have a uniform understanding of UML and a minimum qualification. The corresponding certificate can be acquired with a language test.

This book systematically introduces all exam-relevant knowledge areas and topics for the Fundamental level of the “OMG-Certified UML Professional” (OCUP), in which basic UML knowledge is tested. This includes the principles of class diagrams, activity diagrams, interaction diagrams, and use case diagrams as well as the description of various elements such as standard stereotypes or primitive types. The material includes not only the elements visible to the UML user but also abstract concepts of UML such as Element, the base class of all UML classes in the metamodel. The book assumes only a basic knowledge of UML and is suitable for self-study, as a companion read for certification test preparation courses, and as an introduction to or explanation of the UML metamodel.

“This book focuses on preparing you for that challenge, passing the OCUP test. The authors have demonstrated their expertise not only by passing the tests themselves. They have also taught preparation courses for UML certification whose participants had a remarkably low failure rate – and this only a few weeks after the OCUP program was launched worldwide.” Richard Mark Soley, OMG Chairman